The Ave Rats Cell


The Ave Rats were drawn into the Vigil in the fall of 2007. Ken thomas was in his second year of graduate school. He had become involved in the study of urban myth and was focusing on the stories of Seattle’s homeless. He soon learned of strange disappearances that were occurring in Lake City. He decided to investigate and spied a group of degenerate locals sacrificing people to giant carnivorous fish.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chaney and sophomore biology major Benjamin Miner were investigating strange fish appearing in the local waterways. These Groetnich were prehistoric creatures not seen since the Cretaceous. Then they found the fingers inside one.

Ben worked late nights at the local coffee shop. Jittery after the finger discovery, he ran into a panicked Ken after his discovery of the cult. They compared notes and realized they were investigating the same thing.

The cell assembled for the first time in October 2007. They decided to get proof before going to the police. However what they saw in the squalid water soaked chamber of the cult forced them to confront the supernatural. The cultists were gaining magical powers from the fish.

They rethought their plan, investigated further and learns about their plans to increase the Greotnich’s distribution. They tried poisoning the fish but the cult began to get wind of them. It all ended with a terrifying battle in a rain soaked building. In the end the cultists were dead or dispersed and they had become the champions of the city’s homeless.

Since then they kept mostly to the northern end of the city, dealing with lingering cultists, looking for a way to kill the Groetnich, and facing other threats.

A few months ago they were approached by Lisa Peterson for a mission. They were to investigate the area of Yessler Terrace. Something there was feeding off the homeless and she wanted to know what. They were provided with experimental drugs that would protect them from the effects of the creatures.

It all went horribly wrong.


The Ave Rats Cell

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