The Abyss Stares Back

Some say there is a thin line between sanity and madness. It is a line that swiftly vanishes when one chooses to hunt monsters. When chase the darkness, one finds impossible things. And the distinction between reality and madness blurs.

The characters are private investigators for One of a Kind Investigations, a small but successful investigation company based in Seattle. But Frank Brooks, the firm’s founder, vanished 2 years ago. When he resurfaced he had gone mad and was overcome with dementia. Tests uncovered unheard of oddities in his brain. It was shortly after this that the cryptic letters began to arrive. Letters that revealed that there were monsters in the world. Unable and unwilling to let the mystery lie, the employees of the company are now slowly peeling back away the mysteries of the World of Darkness. Can they stay sane or will they share their friend’s fate?

Adventures focus on maddening horrors: tracking down a serial killer who leaves well dressed dolls at the scene of the crime, investigating a slum where people are slowly losing their memories, or stopping the spread of parasitic spiders in people’s brains.

Corrupted Transmission

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