(a.k.a. Dopplegangers, Thought Projection Forms)


Still a mystery to such well informed conspiracies as the Cheiron Group, what is known is that they lack a proper biology and utterly disintegrate when killed. Strong emotions can change their nature and appearance. They are immune to torture (often expiring) and lack details of their origin. They photograph poorly, appear in mirrors as blurs. This a suspected effect of Negative L-Field Dissonance. Exposure to sensitives causes erratic changes.

Beings of this sort turn up now and again in the world. But in Seattle their are more than normal and they are organized. They have vanished now that Ambrose Grant and Silent One are gone.

Known Tulpas

  • Dr. Adam Warden
  • Men in Dark Suits: these dark figures lack features except their dark suits and sunglasses. they move inhumanly fast and can disappear from view by clouding minds. When killed they disintegrate dramatically.
  • Possibly Doretta Teesdale
  • Jarette Costa


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