The House

A decrepit house in Yesler Terrace across from a convenience store and between two apartment complexes. Its paint has long peeled away revealing gray dry wood. The windows gap open with only shards of broken glass in them. Inside things are dry, dusty and empty. Nothing moves inside.

A corpse lies in an upstairs bedroom, mummified and old. Another room held a strange porcelain doll. The Sandmen guard this house for some reason. They have also cloaked it somehow with the same effect that hides them. No one can see the house and pictures don’t capture it.

The house was owned by a Mr. Samuelson in the 1800s but was owned until it vanished by S. Westergard who lived there with his wife Ingrid and a daughter. The wife died in 1922 but the daughter remained at the house until sometime in the 40s. It is unclear what happened to Westergard.

Interestingly Adam Freud the boy who became the renowned psychic Ambrose Grant, grew up next door.

The House

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