Mill, Spiders

Alright. I guess I can’t deny that my behavior has been unstable of late. If I’m not thrown in prison for my actions (and assuming I don’t die from the infection), I probably need to look into getting some help.

One thing that would help is if I could finally get a win on one of these accursed cases. I’m not sure I can handle another outcome like with Community or Ambrose Grant. We need to find Amelia, get her the help she needs, and protect her from Keystone. When she pulled away from me, I could tell that she felt guilty about what she had done. I believe she is a good person and that the infection is making her act abnormally. We need to help her before the infection has gone too far.

I’m not sure how my allies feel about this. If they want to do something different, I imagine I’ll have a hard time talking them around. After all, who could blame them for ignoring me? I’m clearly out of my gourd.

On that note, what was the deal with that dream? Normally, I’d think little of it, but, since the weirdness started, everything seems fraught with meaning. Was it a sending of some sort? A normal dream? Or just a manifestation of my ongoing madness? I think I need my doll.

I can’t give any ground this time, though. I let them kill Community. I let them take Grant. I have to do the right thing this time. Will I be locked down? Can I leave this hospital? I think I must. Sick or not, we need to solve this case the right way.

Well, I guess, sometimes, it all works out.

Mill, Spiders

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