Madness Rules

Madness Rules

This system is a replacement for the Morality rules for Hunter: the Vigil. They are lifted liberally from Unknown Armies.

The essential concept is that a character has 5 Madness Meters which gauge how stressed or tolerant a character is of a type of stress. The types are Violence, Unnatural, Helplessness, Isolation, and Self. It is possible to be fine with Isolation but fall apart in a gun battle due to Violence.

Each Madness Meter has two types of check boxes that can be marked off. Hardened boxes indicate stress checks you have succeeded at and which you no longer need to make. They run from 1 to 10. Failed boxes indicate the number of stress checks you have failed at and run from 1 to 5.

Stress Checks are given levels with higher ranks indicating more extreme levels of stress. If you already have a Hardened box at the same rank as the Stress Check rank you don’t have to roll. You have already faced this level of stress and proven you can cope with it. Failed check boxes do not affect stress checks.

Example: You face a rank-2 Unnatural check as you spot an inhuman thing in the sewers. You already have 5 Hardened check boxes filled for Unnatural stress. You don’t have to roll.

If you do not have a Hardened check box filled at the rank of the stress check, roll the lesser of Composure and Resolve. You may spend Willpower as normal on this roll. If you succeed, mark the lowest unmarked Hardened check box on that Madness Meter. If you failed, mark the lowest unmarked Failed check box on that Madness Meter and choose one of three reactions: panic, paralysis, or frenzy. A failure also places you closer to true insanity.

Example: As a new hunter you face a rank-2 Unnatural check as you spot an inhuman thing in the sewers. You have 3 hardened check boxes in Violence but that does not help you here. You only have one Hardened check box in Unnatural. You have Composure 2 and Resolve 4 so you roll against Composure. You get a success on one of the dice, so you mark the second Hardened box under Unnatural. If you had failed you would mark off the next Failed box under Unnatural and react accordingly.

Likely you will have both Hardened and Failed check boxes filled on the same meter. A character deep in both directions on a stress has a hardened barrier against it but if something gets through that shell it can be devastating.

Violence Stress
Unnatural Stress
Helplessness Stress
Isolation Stress
Self Stress

Insanity, Callousness, and Recovery

Madness Rules PDF

Madness Rules

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