Disappearance of Ambrose Grant

I know you asked me to compile all the facts on the Ambrose Grant case, but this is some bizarre material

- Erin


Date Event
April 12, 1942 Adam Freud born, he grows up to be Ambrose Grant. His parent are David and Anne Freud. (found a picture of David, looks a lot like that sketch of Dr. Warden. A relative? – Erin)
1950s Adam Freud grows up in Yesler Terrace (why is his next door neighbor important? – Erin) and reports strange phenomena, he is sent to the Hillcrest Mental Health Center
November 1, 1960 Doretta Teesdale born
1960s Adam Freud leaves the United States, recruited by the CIA
1970s Ambrose Grant becomes a famous psychic and magician, he also founds Millenial Housing and constructs an apartment complex over his childhood home
June 9, 1979 Ambrose Grant and Doretta Teesdale are married, their marraige is strained by doretta insistance that Grant not abuse his abilities (He really isn’t psychic right? – Erin)
May 4, 1984 Ambrose Grant and Doretta Teesdale are divorced
1980s The Chieron Group watches Ambrose Grant hoping to learn about his psychic abilities
May 8th, 1989 Ambrose Grant disappears from his yacht while at sea, he survives but is paralyzed by the fall off the boat
May 16th, 1989 Ambrose Grant is “transferred” to the Garden at Hillcrest Mental Health Center
April 2th, 1989 Ambrose Grant disappears from the Garden. A few days later a second transfer form is filled out from the Harborview Medical Center
June 1990 First record of Dr. Adam Warden (How did he get a job? -Erin)
March 1992 Frank Brooks is hired by Doretta Teesdale to find her ex-husband Ambrose Grant
April 12, 1992 Doretta Teesdale dies falling down the stairs, Frank gives up case
October 2008 Frank is contacted by Doretta Teesdale (But she’s dead? -Erin) and reopens the case
November 12, 2008 Frank goes missing after searching for Ambrose Grant
November 13, 2008 Harborview Medical Center records say Frank meets Dr. Adam Warden
December 4, 2008 Frank is found living among the homeless, deranged and barely alive
January 2010 (not sure this is related – Erin) Kenneth Thomas and his friends are hired by Keystone Pharmaceuticals to explore a location next to the apartment complex owned by Millenial Housing (what is so special about this house? -Erin)
May 12, 2010 One of a Kind Investigations is hired by Keystone Pharmaceuticals to find Ambrose Grant

Persons of Interest

  • Ambrose Grant: presumed deceased (relatives settled his estate in 1996), if he is the John Doe, he is completely paralyzed with likely no chance of recovery, MISSING
  • Doretta Teesdale: ex-wife of Ambrose, deceased, original client; someone claiming to be her contacted Frank in 2008
  • Dr. Adam Warden: doctor at the Harborview Medical Center, no official history outside of work and his house
  • Frank Brooks: original investigator, disappeared once on to something, can’t remember what he found

Disappearance of Ambrose Grant

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