Chieron Group

Cheiron Group

Official history

Cheiron has its origins in a small pharmaceutical company founded in Europe in 1904. It’s founder, Edward Barrett, taking the name from the legendary centaur who gave man medicine. As the years wore on, the Cheiron Group expanded its horizons by buying up a number of smaller companies to form a multi-national conglomerate, until it today has it’s hand in everything from aspirin to soft drinks.

Most famously, Cheiron was involved in a lawsuit in 1999 from a number of religious organizations, particularly Christian ones, charging that the company was involved with Satanistic practices. The rumor was believed to come from the company’s logo which it had had since its founding: a horned and bearded man wearing a laurel wreath placed over a caduceus. The lawsuits all failed, and Cheiron made a mint from the publicity.

To the public, Cherion is merely another multinational, albeit one that gives the chance to affordable medical supplies and pharmaceuticals products, even after the lawsuit.

Secret History

Inside the company, there is a different story. Cherion’s purpose is to gather together and study as many supernatural creatures as they can, often with the same cold, uncaring manner as when they swallow up a smaller company into their conglomerate.

Cheiron has acquired a wide variety of companies through overlapping stacks, well placed double agents, and outright subsidiaries. Their acquisition of Pentex was quiet and very successful.


Chieron Group

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