Brain Spiders

Known Material

  • There have been several cases where corpses of the recently deceased have come in with webbing and tiny spiders living in their brains. These have discounted by the authorities.
  • Dr. Ilyes received a file from a colleague of Dr. Bjorn Trott. It contains a series of newspaper clippings from local papers in Norfolk, VA relay accounts of an epidemic of fatal aneurysms and mysterious missing brain matter in 2007. Some articles indicate webbing was found inside some victims. However the report contained within claims none of the witnesses or indeed the journalists can remember the incident.
  • Frank Brooks claimed the people who took him (Tulpas and Sandmen in the service of Ambrose Grant) tried to put “spiders in his brain”. A woman dubbed the Dream Widow.

2010 Outbreak

  • The first cases began in August. A total of 24 deaths occured but the material was hushed up. The victims were club goers mostly infected by contact with other infected or Patient 0, Amelia Greenberg.
  • 9 victims had their entire brain devoured by a single large spider.
  • Infection seems to transfer via bites, kisses, and other saliva contact. There is an initial burning sensation as thousands of tiny eggs and microscopic spiders burrow into the victim’s flesh.
  • Symptoms include headache, nosebleeds, itching of the nasal cavity and head, tingling sensation of the skull, cranial pain, auditory and tactile hallucinations, buildup of webbing in cerebrospinal fluid, psychic static
  • The infections seems to travel along the nasal cavities.
  • Most victims of Strain A recover naturally though there may be some residual brain damage. Strains B and C requires a drug cocktail to ensure survival.
  • Strain B is a hybridization of Strain A and C and leads to parasites eating each other and the brain, leading to one large spider.
  • Strain C was genetic anomaly present in Amelia, caused by experimental drug treatments inspired by the Dream Widow.
  • The later strains are connected with a supernatural creature called the Azlu.

Brain Spiders

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