Mavis Brooks

secretary for the One of a Kind Investigations and wife of Frank Brooks

Notable Traits

  • Office Management (pool 5): Mavis has worked as a secretary for over 30 years, first for her husband Frank and later under Shaw. She is skilled at keeping records, managing schedules and generally keeping the business running.
  • Office Chatter (pool 4): Mavis goes out for lunch with secretaries from nearby firms and hears a lot. She has contacts throughout the business district.


Mavis is a Seattle native and often visits her sister’s family in Eastside. She married her high school sweetheart Frank in 1971. Though they never had a family, she helped Frank with his detective firm One of a Kind Investigations, working as the secretary and working on the side to make ends meet.

She was terrified when Frank went missing and when he surfaced he barely remembered her. Between her daily visits to the Hillcrest Mental Health Center, she throws herself into her work as a distraction from her situation.


Mavis’s hair may have turned silver but she keeps herself fit and young with constant activity. She keeps a box of tissues handy nearby for when things are quiet.

Mavis Brooks

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