Kenneth Thomas


Ken’s life was turned upside down when he was 14. His parents Stephanie Thomas and Donald Thomas got a divorce.

Don moved to Portland and then on to San Diego. Stephanie stayed in Seattle and raised Ken on her own. Ken, himself, went into Anthropology to understand people. He got his degree at the University of Washington and then went on to graduate school there. He was a dedicated student, not brilliant but rather intuitive.

Ken discovered a horrible cult in Seattle which led to the formation of the The Ave Rats Cell. He and his friend Benjamin Miner apparently killed several of these suspected cultists. The obsession consumed him and he dropped out of graduate school. To make ends meet he moved in with Ben and worked at Cafe Equinox. When Keystone offered them substantial funds to hunt Mr. Sandman, perhaps the same person who took Frank Brooks, in Yessler Terrace, he was hesitant but needed it to fund his activities. They went to a house where the sandmen supposedly were, dosed up on drugs that protected them from the mental effects of the sandmen and allowed them to see through the illusion over it.

But they were ambushed. Where the others fought the sandmen and lost, Ken fled. He’s been covering his trail hoping “they” don’t catch him. The drugs and lack of sleep made him paranoid. He went to ground where he knew “they” wouldn’t go, cut off all ties, and defended himself with the fish. He has no intention of letting either Keystone or the Sandmen get him. He suspects Keystone would torture him to find if he knows anything.

His companions on this hunt are now missing or damaged like Frank. Thanks to One of a Kind Investigations however, he escaped the city and fled to San Diego. He is safe…possibly.

Description: Ken Thomas used to be a clean shaven young man with blond hair. A bit of a square he favors collared shirts and slacks.

After 2 weeks on the run his face is covered by a thin scraggly beard. His normally blond hair is darkened by a week without bathing and he smells of salt and musk. His dirty clothes are ripped and torn, though the scars in his flesh have begun to heal.

Kenneth Thomas

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