Jack Lawrence

Lieutenant in Seattle PD, Head of Major Crimes Unit



Jack Lawrence comes from a family of cops. His father was a sergeant and his grandfather walked a beat in New York. They instilled in him a sense of right and wrong. At the same time he had bigger ambitions than working a beat or even being a sergeant. Unlike his father, he went to college, getting a degree in psychology. Along the way he met his wife Jennifer Hanks. They married shortly after they graduated in 1996.

It took time but he eventually became a Detective in the Major Crimes Investigation Unit. Through tireless work he became a Detective Sergeant specializing in missing persons and felony assault.

It was in this capacity that he met Officer Lillian Shaw. The mutual physical attraction was swift, but quickly channeled by both into a deep but smoldering friendship in respect of Lawrence’s married status. Shaw was eventually transferred to Vice which kept them apart much of the time.

However the strain on his marriage by the constant work was too much. Bitterness led to accusations and their marriage tore itself apart. The two separated in 2004.

A year later Jack, now a Lieutenant and in charge of Missing Persons, again interacted with Lillian on the kidnapping case of Nicole Vogel’s son. But it was Shaw who rescued the child. She got the fame and he was left behind.


The gray coming in at his temples contrasts with Jack’s otherwise boyish good looks. Success has been good for him and it shows in his clothes and the slight paunch at his waistline.

Jack Lawrence

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