Georgia Chaney



Born to an upper middle class Californian family, Georgia’s life was one of unknowing entitlement. She attended good schools, did well in the sciences and eventually became a professor. There were struggles, romances that failed, and other difficulties but nothing she couldn’t handle. She had a nice house in Windermere.

Things changed when a student of hers, Benjamin Miner, brought in a strange fish he had found. Convinced it was a new species, somehow this led Georgia down a dark path with Ben and another student Kenneth Thomas. It seems this group of academics was murdering people they considered cultists or monsters. Last year, her work degrading, she took a sabbatical to work full time on her private project. Her colleagues, estranged by her hostile behavior, collectively breathed a sigh of relief.

In January 2010, she and her friends embarked on a new “case”. Hired by [[Keystone Pharmaceuticals], they were sent after the Sandman. Things went bad and she was affected by the same substance or disease that destroyed Frank Brooks’s mind. Somehow she escaped to collapse in front of a Mexican restaurant in Downtown.

Now a patient at the Hillcrest Mental Health Center, she remains in a mostly catatonic state with episodes of unrelenting violent behavior. It is not clear how much of her mind is left.


Georgia is in her early 40s, a pudgy white woman with dirty blond hair. Her arms and hands bear the signs of mysterious scars, long healed over. Now dressed in the white garb of a patient, her brown eyes stare vacantly at the wall.

Georgia Chaney

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