Frank Brooks

Detective, founder of One of a Kind Investigations



Frank was born in nearby Tacoma but moved to Seattle as a teenager. He married his high school sweetheart Mavis Locke in 1971. Frank joined the police force after high school but was never happy taking orders. He eventually became a private detective and founded One of a Kind Investigations. Even though his original partners backed out (or in one case went to jail for 6 years), he was determined and with the help of his wife the company survived. He and Mavis never had children but he considered the various detectives who worked for the company over the years his kids.

It seems Frank was involved in dealing with ENEs (extra-normal entities) in some way and kept a secret armoury at his old office.

In 2003, he took Lillian Shaw under his wing and eventually gave her control of the firm. He continued to work part time, in an attempt to move into semi-retirement. But old clients never go away. In November 2008, he was doing an investigation for old times sake when he went missing.

Apparently this case was for a Doretta Teesdale, presumed deceased, who wanted him to find her ex-husband, Ambrose Grant, the renowned psychic, missing for 19 years. His last known location was Harborview Medical Center, meeting a Dr. Warden.

He reappeared over 3 weeks later in the Industrial District, living among the homeless and barely able to talk. He was sickly and afflicted with a sudden senility. Tests showed unusual damage to his brain with no outside trauma. All he could tell anyone was that “the bad place was filled with spider hands.”

His wife and Shaw visited him often at the Hillcrest Mental Health Center. Under Dr. Sorenson’s treatment he regained his composure but still lacks most of his memories.

Recently he was released from Hillcrest.


Frank has seen better days. His thing gray hair has long since receded. Since his disappearance, he has steadily improved. Now he only suffers bouts of missing memories.

Frank’s Allies

Some former allies, theat have been uncovered:

  • Amy Smith, a lawyer
  • Father Benedict: associated with a group called the Malleus Maleficarum
  • Eddie Stam, a journalist
  • Emerson Gutmann: noted as a Union man
  • George: no last name is mentioned, but the files suggests he might be a petty crook
  • Joseph Heisen
  • Kathleen: no last name is mentioned, but the files suggests she might be a police officer
  • Kathryn McNabb
  • Peter: no last name is mentioned, but the files suggests he might be a truck driver
  • Rajiv: no last name is mentioned, but the files suggests he has corporate ties and a scientific background

Frank Brooks

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