Erin Bartram



Erin wanted to be lawyer. But after 4 years at law school and 5 tries she wasn’t able to pass the bar. After a fit of road rage left her with a suspended license for a year, her hopes were finally dashed.

She worked as a paralegal for a variety of firms but after turning down one too many underhanded deals, she quit the legal profession and signed up with One of a Kind Investigations in 2007.

A very cautious detective, she always keeps in touch with the main office. No job is too boring or tedious but some might be too dangerous.


Erin’s frizzy black hair contrasts with her immaculate business attire. She keeps her nails painted red to stand out against her chocolate skin. She keeps a lucky rabbit’s foot on the key chain to her 2006 GTO.

Erin Bartram

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