Eddie "Specs" McFane

ex-SEAL, Communications expert


Concept Bitter Ex-Soldier Virtue Prudence Vice Wrath


Power Intelligence 3 Strength 2 Presence 2
Finesse Wits 3 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 2
Resistance Resolve 2 Stamina 3 Composure 2

Other Traits

Willpower 4 Health 7 Size 5
Speed 11 Initiative Modifier 5 Defense 3


Mental (-3 untrained) Physical (-1 untrained) Social (-1 untrained)
Academics ? Athletics Running 2 Animal Ken ?
Computer Comms 2 Brawl 2 Empathy ?
Crafts 2 Drive ? Expression ?
Investigation ? Firearms 2 Intimidation ?
Medicine ? Larceny ? Persuasion ?
Occult ? Stealth 3 Socialize ?
Politics ? Survival 2 Streetwise ?
Science ? Weaponry 1 Subterfuge ?


Languages (many) 1


Background: Eddie was on his second tour of Afghanistan when his unit encountered Frankenstein-like creatures in a small mountain village. He and a few comrades made it out alive but he didn’t go along with the official story. Frustrated he was booted out of the Navy. The last few years have seen him in and out of mental health facilities and county jails.

Description: Eddie’s mirrored sunglasses hide the bags under his eyes. They however fail to cover up his rigid stance or the way he grinds his teeth when dealing with people. When his mouth isn’t clench it is apt to get him trouble.

Eddie "Specs" McFane

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