Dr. Bjorn Trott



A physicist working Portland, Trott has connections to scientists aware of the supernatural across the country.


A sturdily built German man in a horrifically patterned sweater and khakis. A pack on one shoulder is ominously weighty. His naturally dark hair is slowly graying as is his beard.



Trott lost his sister to a thing that flowed like a shadow and devoured vitality. He abused department funding coming up with a way to kill it. The Null Mysteriis helped pull him back from the brink. Thanks to them he still has a professorship in Portland. There he and a few like minded graduate students, professors and the odd layman keep the nights safe.


Mental: 7, Physical: 6, Social: 5, Resistance: 4

Roleplaying Notes

Trott exudes a dangerous confidence. Science will win the day. He is also surprisingly athletic for a scientist and is a regular jogger.

Virtue: Faith (in Science!)
Vice: Wrath (for monsters)

Dr. Bjorn Trott

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