Doretta Teesdale



Born in 1960 to the once-illustrious Teesdale family, Dorette fell in love with Ambrose Grant when he was at the height of his popularity. Ambrose returned her feelings and they were married in 1979.

But all was not bliss. As she became closer to Ambrose and learned of the dangerous world he lived in she grew afraid for him. She felt his powers were unnatural and attracted evil people and things. She sought to convince the psychic to stop using his powers so often and publicly.

Ambrose refused. He became distant from her. Estranged and defeated she filed for divorce in May 1984. However being financially dependent on him she lived with him for the next 5 years.

Ambrose fell on his yacht in 1989 and was presumed drowned. Suspicion fell on Doretta but nothing was ever proven. Unknown to all, she had pushed him but not to kill him. It was all a tragic accident.

Afterwards Doretta vanishes from history at least as far as the tabloids are concerned. She moved to Seattle, Ambrose’s home town. She had Frank trace her husbands possible whereabouts in the early 90s. Then she died (April 12, 1993) from a fall down the stairs, pushed psychically by Ambrose.

Someone resembling her rehired Frank in 2008 to find Grant again. It is not clear if this was a doppleganger or a ghost, though evidence favors the former. She has disappeared with Ambrose.


A pale beautiful woman with long dark hair.

Doretta Teesdale

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