Subject C6 was part of a DOD project (Myrmidon) to create a better soldier. Under the auspices of Ascendant Industries and Project Valkyrie, they attempted to build the perfect hunter.

Series A focused on tissue grafts and bioaugmentation. Generally unsuccessful, they moved on to total reanimation projects. Series B involved resurrecting fallen hunters. This was a failure but laid the groundwork for Series C. Though initially successful, it all went horribly wrong.

The series C warriors were released on an ENE infestation in Afghanistan (chosen for its remoteness). The original subjects, overcome by instabilities in the forces animating them, fragmented and formed a multitude of creatures. They then attacked a village and absorbed the materials of the villagers and soldiers fighting there.

Though ultimately overcome, fragment C6b escaped. Absorbing the features of a soldier, it trekked out of Afghanistan. It managed to sneak aboard a transport through India and took a shipping container to the United States. It eventually arrived in Seattle after a 4 state chase in the US.

Now calling itself Community, it sought to use stolen body parts to “fix” itself. Additionally it was drawn to the Hillcrest Mental Health Center by its dreams. This seems to cause a hostile reaction in Bateman’s Children, the creatures living underneath the Center.

Eventually this drew too much attentions and the The Men in Black and One of a Kind Investigations destroyed it.


In its normal form, it was an androgynous humanoid stitched together from hundreds of different bodies. A literal patchwork of skin covered its body with hue ranging from palest white to ebony. Its eyes were brown and blue. It spoke softly and with little emotion except a desperate curiosity.

It possessed superhuman strength and stamina, able to heal bullet wounds in moments and survive lightning strikes.


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