Amelia Greenberg



A researcher for Keystone Pharmaceuticals, Amelia has a doctorate in biochemistry from Berkeley. Her work focuses on extracting, synthesizing, and testing innovative compounds from exotic creatures around the world. And exotic monsters.

She went missing in July 2010. An outbreak of brain parasites was tied to this. Infected accidentally she fled to cure herself with the help of her sister Katherine. Her experiments however drove the spiders into different regions of her brain, corroding her judgement and emotional stability. In her delusional state, she was easily manipulated by the Dream Widow into creating a new strain of Brain Spiders, one capable of creating something called an Azlu.

Her sister, a neurologist at Harborview Medical Center, was eventually induced to reveal where her lab is. Luckily she was recovered and a drug treatment was developed before her case became terminal.


Amelia is in her late 30s with long blond hair and a fit athletic body. She is a fidgety person constant speaking into a recorder she keeps with her to chronicle her ideas and theories.


Amelia Greenberg

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