Ambrose Grant



Born in 1942 in Seattle, Adam Freud was the boy who would one day become Ambrose Grant. His childhood on the face of it was normal but only because many of the details were lost. He grew up in Yesler Terrace, next door to the Westergards and the House.

Adam seemed not to be effected by the Sandmen. Perhaps through a quirk of genetics, he possess a strange psychic ability that allowed him to resist the effects. The fact that his account of events differed from his neighbors brought him to the attention of Jeremiah Moorcock. Moorcock realized the boy was not delusional but in fact gifted. The doctor added Adam, now a teenager, to his experiments.

He was likely recruited by the CIA in 1960 out of Hillcrest Mental Health Center. He worked with them for over a decade as a spy and assassin adopting the cover of a stage magician. He gained a reputation as a psychic, a fact that caused his handlers no small amount of trouble. Quietly at the same time he had an apartment complex built on the site of his old home. He built something there, a machine for sifting thoughts. Using Nazi and Communist Russian research, he delved into the minds of the people there and found some sort of code. Managed by the company he founded Millennial Housing, it continues to this day.

In 1977 he met Doretta Teesdale and fell in love. He married the teenage socialite and for a few years they were happy. But Doretta found his powers frightening and his past disturbing. She tried to get him to stop using his powers. He rejected her arguments and eventually her. They divorced in 1984. She still lived with him however.

In 1989, he fell off his yacht and was presumed drowned. But he didn’t drown. Somehow he made it to shore and was rescued. Paralyzed he was transfered to Harborview Medical Center, blocks from his childhood home. But the Pleseus Guild under orders from the Chieron Group abducted him and placed him in their their coma ward. Then he vanished, stolen by unknown entities, possibly Tulpas.

They kept alive and running the machine until people came looking for him. He killed his wife and erased Frank Brooks’s mind. But his friends at One of a Kind Investigations prevailed and defeated him. Now he is safely under lock and key at Keystone Pharmaceuticals.


In life, Ambrose Grant was handsome with curly dark hair and intriguing dark eyes. Now he is a pale withered shell of a man. His once handsome features sag from years of neglect and age. His hair is thinning and gray. His dark eyes stare blankly at the ceiling.

He is tied to machines that beep and hum around him.

Ambrose Grant

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